• Contracts: construction contracts, co-operative agreements, lease agreements, employment contracts, agency agreements and distribution agreements
  • Corporate documents: articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, official summaries of company details
  • Court cases: claim forms, indictments, judgments, expert’s reports, legal opinions
  • Bankruptcy and administration of estates: bankruptcy orders, circulars
  • Family law, law of succession: wills, legal separation and divorce, death certificates, certificates of representation
  • Property transaction: conveyances, letters of attorney, registration of property
  • Intellectual property law
  • Statutes and professional literature
  • EU law
  • Media law


  • Medical law
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • Marketing authorisation
  • Medical reports

Technical language

  • Technical documentation: tender documents, process engineering, manuals, brochures, user instructions, product catalogues, data sheets, test reports
  • Building and construction: energy, environment, wind and water power, passenger and commercial vehicles, machinery, architecture, design, furniture, foods, farming

Private documents

  • Certificates: birth certificates, baptism certificates, certificates of change of name, residence certificates, certificates of marital status, marriage certificates, legal separation and divorce papers, examination certificates, job applications, CVs